The Kern Shooting Sports Range, located at 5-Dogs, is open
Friday through Monday, 8:00 am – Sundown when no classes are on the schedule.

The hours for days when there is a class on the schedule are
12:00 noon – Sundown.

Visit our calendar to see when classes are scheduled.

All shooters are asked to abide by the following Range Rules:

  1. All shooters on the KSS range must be a member of 5 Dogs Range and a member of KSS. The only exception is on days of Kern Shooting Sports functions/competitions.
  2. Member must show their membership cards upon request. Membership cards must be in possession while on the range.
  3. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times on the firing line.
  4. No steel core ammunition (Green tip projectiles) will be used at the range.
  5. Do NOT shoot any living thing.
  6. No Cross Firing.
  7. When moving firearms, the actions must be open and empty, with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction or holstered or cased. All firearms must be empty unless on the firing line.
  8. When going down range to check or set targets, you MUST notify all shooters on the firing line and/or a Range Safety Officer (RSO) of your intentions.
  9. Before going down range past 25 yards, the entire shotgun range must be shut down.
  10. At the time ALL shooters will empty their firearms and put them down with action open.
  11. The firing line will be closed at that time and no person shall touch any firearms while any person is down range.
  12. Any person not going down range must stand behind the safety line located behind the shooting line.
  13. When everyone is back behind the firing line, the firing line will be re-opened and shooting may resume.
  14. Firearms handled in an unsafe manner could cause injury or death to you or someone else.